Mythic Legions - The Furious Four LegionsCon 2022 Exclusive

by Four Horsemen
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This exciting new figure set features characters from the popular Fury Clan! First introduced with the “Fury Clan Orc” figure from our Soul Spiller wave, we have long said that the Fury Clan is not exclusive to orcs, and that other races of Mythoss are part of this popular subrace known for their red skin. This new figure set gives us a number of members of the Fury Clan and includes an incredible amount of popping-and-swapping possibilities!

The ”Furious Four” set is a 2-pack which includes two figure bodies and 4 distinct heads, allowing you to create some special characters. These characters include Lord Bushotee the Alpha, Pelvicus, Peteorionn, and Uuwitt – each one based loosely on the members of the MWIGTKM podcast. Those guys are longtime supporters of Four Horsemen Studios, so it was fun to create these tributes to that crew (fair warning – their podcast is not for the easily offended and contains lots of language – listen at your own peril). The body parts on these figures all use the same color scheme, and those colors are also shared with the Fury Clan Orc, encouraging fans to mix and match these parts to create some new and unique looks! Ages 16+.

 Warning: This product is intended for the mature collector. It may contain small parts, sharp points or other hazardous elements not suitable for children under the age of 14 years old.

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