Cosmic Legions Hvalkatar: Book Two, Gravenight Aius Cyppiteon Action Figure

by Four Horsemen

Celebrated across the system for their telepathic skills, the Grayborn are well suited for sensitive roles in the higher echelons of Cosmerrium’s intellectual circles. A common misconception is that the Grayborn are named for the appearance of their skin, when in actuality, this name is due to their minds’ ability to access a transcendental state referred to as “The Midway” or “The Gray.” These abilities and access have granted the Grayborn a unique opportunity to create an information network spanning the rings that is known as The M.A.Z.E. (The Meshed Assemblage of Zonal Enlightenment). Ages 16+.

Product Features:

  • 6-inch (15.24cm) scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Highly detailed and articulated

Character Details:

  • Name - Common Use: Aius
  • Name - Full: Aius Cyppiteon
  • Planet of Origin: Nevoz 51
  • Affiliation: GraveRing / The M.A.Z.E.
  • Race: Grayborn


  • Aius figure
  • Shield
  • Metor Hammer staff
  • Hvalkatar key card necklace

 Warning: This product is intended for the mature collector. It may contain small parts, sharp points or other hazardous elements not suitable for children under the age of 16 years old.


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