What If ...? Issue #20 (1990)

by Marvel Comics
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"What If Spider-Man Had Not Married Mary Jane Watson?" Script by Danny Fingeroth, pencils by Jim Valentino, inks by Chris Ivy. Appearances by the Black Cat, Kraven, and Venom. Brief Silver Sable appearance. Green Goblin cameo. Two 1-page back-ups: "What If Spider-Man Had a Son?" Script and art by Darren Auck. "What If Ghost Rider Hit a Puddle?" Script by John Lewie, art by Armando Gil. Two half-page Daredevil and Sub-Mariner cartoons by Dutter/Auck/McLauren and Gary Fields/Keith Wilson. Letter to the editor from Charles Novinskie (Topps Comics). Cover by Valentino, Ron Frenz (?), and Bob Wiacek.

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