The Uncanny X-Men Isssue #348 (1997) - Direct Edition

by Marvel Comics
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Cover by Joe Madureira. Because, I Said So, script by Scott Lobdell, pencils by Joe Madureira and Andy Smith, inks by Tim Townsend, Jon Holdredge, and Al Vey; Deep in the bowels of Magneto's old Antarctic base, Nanny has stripped the X-Men of their powers and locked them up; Only Beast and Trish remain free; She lavishes special attention on Joseph whom she believes to be Magneto; On Nanny's monitors, however, Joseph learns of the attacks Operation Zero Tolerance has made against mutants and he struggles to free himself; The only upside to the situation being, with her absorption powers negated, Rogue finally gets to be "intimate" with Gambit. 46 pgs., full color.

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