Super Action Stuff! Casket of Cruelty Action Figure Accessories

by Happycat Industries

Have you ever looked at your favorite action figures and wondered if they are tired of the same pose day after day? Well let's kick them into high gear with the Super Action Stuff!!

The Casket of Cruelty by Super Action Stuff is a set of over 30 accessories in 1:12 scale, including a full sized 1:12 scale coffin, an armory of post-apocalyptic weapons, and plenty of bloody action effects. Compatible with Marvel Legends, Black Series, GI Joe Classified, Super7 Ultimates, most McFarlane Toys figures, and any other 1:12 and 1:10 scale (6-inch and 7-inch) figures lines, this set will help you take your displays to the next level, whether it's at home or spread across the Web for the all the world to see! Ages 13+.

NOTE: Accessories are not adhesive. A sticky putty is recommended on your figures for a good "grip".

The Casket of Cruelty includes:

  •  Large Coffin sized for 6 and 7-inch scale figures
  •  Clear Riot Shield
  •  Baton/Night Stick
  •  Double-Sided Axe
  •  Bloody Cricket Bat
  •  Ninjato Sword
  •  Bloody Machete
  •  Crossbow
  •  Crossbow Bolt
  •  Crossbow Bolt wound
  •  Nailgun
  •  Chainsaw with swappable Powercutter head
  •  Set of Boxing Gloves
  •  Heart with dripping blood
  •  Bloody Brain
  •  2x Bloody Eyeballs
  •  Slash effect for Ninjato and other swords
  •  Large and Small dripping blood effects to attach to bladed weapons
  •  Entry and exit bullet wound blood effect- Bloody vomit effect
  •  and Seven more bloody effects in various sizes.


 Warning: This product is intended for the mature collector. It may contain small parts, sharp points or other hazardous elements not suitable for children under the age of 13 years old.

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