Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 1 Issue #2 (1993)

by Marvel Comics

"The Hatred, the Horror and the Hero!" Maximum Carnage, Part 14 of 14. Story continues from Spectacular Spider-Man 203. In shocking fashion Carnage jumps out of Central Park Lake! Oh no, all the police and superheroes (besides the web-slinger) left a while ago thinking the bloodthirsty super-villain was dead! But he's still alive! And that means the Maximum Carnage saga is not over yet! Venom and Spider-Man battle Carnage first in Central Park, then at the St. Estes Home in Brooklyn, and finally in an old cemetery! Can the wondrous wall-crawler at long last corral Carnage? And also keep Venom from killing his symbiote offspring? After fourteen issues there's no telling how this tale will end! Appearances by the Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson, Aunt May, Richard Parker LMD, Mary Parker LMD, Liz Osborn, Normie Osborn, Thunderstrike, Sersi and the Vision. Cameo appearances by Morbius and Nightwatch. Script by Tom DeFalco. Chapter 1 - Art by Mark Bagley (breakdowns) and Sam de la Rosa (finishes). Chapter 2 - Art by Ron Lim (pencils). Inks by Jim Sanders III and Sam de la Rosa. Cover by Ron Lim and Jim Sanders III. Second Story: "Other People's Dreams.".. The web-slinger clashes with Megawatt! Cameo appearance by Mary Jane Watson. Flashback cameos by Daredevil and Dr. Jonas Harrow. Script by Kurt Busiek. Pencils by Steven Butler. Inks by Bud LaRosa. (Note: Carnage returns in Amazing Spider-Man Annual 28. This issue is printed on glossy paper. The Maximum Carnage storyline was reprinted in 1994 in the trade paperback Spider-Man Maximum Carnage.) 64 pages.

NM Condition. Bagged and Boarded. (Stock photo)

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