Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 1 Issue #1 (1993)

by Marvel Comics

"Carnage Rising!" Maximum Carnage Part 1 of 14. Following the tragic events of Spectacular Spider-Man 200, the friends and family of Harry Osborn gather for Harry's funeral. Peter and Mary Jane reflect upon the tragic passing of another friend and wonder where their lives will go from here. Meanwhile at the Ravencroft maximum security institution, one of the doctors gets the bright idea to take a blood sample from Cletus Kasady. And in that critical instant…the murderous Carnage is reborn! Oh my, Katie bar the door! Because the killing is about to begin! True to form Carnage wipes out the entire hospital staff, but then surprisingly makes a new friend! Who is this murderess so ready and willing to help Carnage? The web-slinger will find out soon when he battles her and that pesky eight-legged doppelganger several hours later! As for Carnage, he's going to pay a visit to J. Jonah Jameson before he pays back his two hated enemies.. Venom and the Amazing Spider-Man! Story continues in Web of Spider-Man 101. First appearance of Shriek. Cameo appearances by the Black Cat and the Molten Man. Script by Tom DeFalco. Pencils by Ron Lim. Inks by Jim Sanders III. Cover by Ron Lim and Jim Sanders III. Second Story: "Playback". While fighting the Scorpion at an abandoned construction site, the wall-crawler has strange flashbacks to his adolescent days (before Uncle Ben was killed). Script by Mike Barr. Pencils and Inks by Jerry Bingham. Third Story: "Long Way Down!". Cardiac stalks city executives who embezzled funds (designated for building safety improvements) into their own pockets. Cardiac is poised to deliver his own brand of justice until Code: Blue arrives on the scene! Script by Terry Kavanagh. Pencils by Mark Bagley. Inks by Tom Palmer. (Note: Carnage previously appeared in Amazing Spider-Man 363. This issue is printed on glossy paper. The Maximum Carnage storyline was reprinted in 1994 in the trade paperback: Spider-Man Maximum Carnage.) 64 pages.

VF- Condition. Bagged and Boarded. (Stock photo)

Package Dimensions: 10.5” x 7” x 0.125”

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