The Human Torch Vol 1 Issue #7 (1975)

by Marvel Comics

The Master of Flame Vs. the Monarch of the Sea!!.. Johnny is frustrated that his partners don't take him seriously. Reminded by a photo that Sue still has a crush on Sub-Mariner, Johnny decides to impress them by challenging Namor to a fight! Flying over the water, his flame gives out, and mistaken for a stowaway, he's put to work mopping the deck of a ship!, but when they're caught in a dense fog, Johnny proves who he is by guiding the grateful crew to safety. Johnny writes a message in flames challenging Namor. Human Torch - Fugitive at Large! starring The Original Human Torch [Jim Hammond], pencils by Dick Ayers, inks by Ernie Bache.  Script by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber. Art by Dick Ayers, Ron Wilson and Frank Giacoia.

VG Condition. Bagged and Boarded. (Stock photo)

Package Dimensions: 10.5” x 7” x 0.125”

This item isn’t eligible for return. Item sale is final. This is due to the fragility of the item. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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