Guy Gardner: Warrior Annual Issue #2 (1996)

by DC Comics
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The "Legends of the Dead Earth" Annuals continue: In the far future, the Warriors bar still exists, now as part of a larger asteroid complex. It's there that sentient beings come to experience the various legends surrounding the bar's founder. Among the tales: a story by Mitch Byrd, with art by Mitch Byrd and Wade Von Grawbadger, in which a morpher claiming to be a descendant of Guy Gardner tangles with another shapeshifter for an icon of the Gardner clan. Another legend, by Beau Smith and Rick Mays, has three "Gal Gardners" battling for the same relic. In still another tale by Smith, with art by David Brewer and Andrew Pepoy, some kids come into possession of the icon, which transfers the living mind of Guy Gardner into one of the kids, creating "L'il Warrior!" Cover by Phil Jimenez. FC, 48 pg.

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