Deadpool Issue #9 (1997) - Direct Edition

by Marvel Comics
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Cover pencils by Ed McGuinness, inks by Nathan Massengill. Ssshhhhhhhhh! (or Heroes Reburned), script by Joe Kelly, pencils by Ed McGuinness and Shannon Denton, inks by Nathan Massengill; Al becomes a little worried as Pool begins to show signs of his sanity slipping; DP asks Patch for an assignment worthy of a good guy; He ends up leaving with a mysterious stranger who comes to Hellhouse looking for someone to help him recover a kidnapped princess; Of course, it all turns out to be a trap set by new villain Deathtrap who is really into...well...death traps; DP discovers a little too late that Al has messed with his weapons as a practical joke; Al and Weasel get to know each other a little better. Behind the Scenes: Text piece and sketch art for the giant-size story in Deadpool #11.

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