Captain America Vol 1 Issue #395 (1991)

by Marvel Comics

"Rogues in the House".. Guest-starring Thor.  To confirm the death of the Red Skull, the star-spangled avenger pays a visit to Skullhouse! And as an extra precaution, Cap brings Thor (aka Eric Masterson) along with him! That turns out to be a very good idea…as death, danger, and Doughboy are waiting inside! Across the country in Colorado, Mother Night holds tryouts for the position of top assassin in the Red Skull's organization. Cutthroat, Deathstroke, and Mangler battle to the death for the number one spot! And while the savage struggle takes place, the Red Skull and the Viper talk about opportunities for anarchy! Cameo appearances by Arnim Zola, Bernie Rosenthal, Diamondback, Hercules, Quasar, Asp, Black Mamba, Impala, Crossbones, Battleaxe, Golddigger, and Oddball. Script by Mark Gruenwald. Art by Rik Levins and Danny Bulanadi. Second Story: "The Big Brawl".

NM/M Condition. Bagged and Boarded. (Stock photo)

Package Dimensions: 10.5" x 7" x 0.125"

This item isn’t eligible for return. Item sale is final. This is due to the fragility of the item. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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