Avengers Issue #327 (1990) - Direct Edition

by Marvel Comics
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"Into a Darkling Plain" Part 2 of 3. Script by Larry Hama. Pencils by Paul Ryan. Inks by Tom Palmer. Cover by Paul Ryan and Tom Palmer. In the bedrock beneath Metropolitan Hospital, the Avengers wage a fierce battle against the rampaging LT Ramskov! The powerful Chernobyl survivor radiates bright light that continues to keep Shell-Head, Thor, and She-Hulk at bay! Left without any other way to control LT Ramskov, the thunder god swings his mighty mjolnir, opens a portal, and transports everyone to Dimension of Exile! After arriving in the dark dimension, LT Ramskov stops radiating energy! And it appears that the Avengers have saved the day! But Earth's Mightiest Heroes are not alone in the Dimension of Exile! The monstrous local residents are lying in wait…ready to strike! Cameo appearances by Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Girl. Possible cameo by Clark Kent on page 15." 32 page

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