Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 Issue #381 (1993)

by Marvel Comics

"Samson Unleashed!" Part 1 of 2. Guest-Starring Doc Samson and the Hulk. Peter Parker and Leonard Samson attend the unveiling of an experimental psychiatric treatment based upon gamma radiation. The new "gamma virus" will help mentally ill people release their repressed hatred and anger. Hold on, is mixing hatred and anger with gamma radiation a good idea? One thing leads to another.. and the new virus infects Doc Samson! And later in Washington Square Park, it infects the Hulk too! And that leaves the Amazing Spider-Man stuck between a rock and a hard place.. and then some! Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson, Aunt May, Richard Parker and Mary Parker. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Mark Bagley. Inks by Randy Emberlin and Al Milgrom. Cover by Mark Bagley and Randy Emberlin. 32 pages.

NM Condition. Bagged and Boarded. (Actual product image)

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