Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 Issue #152 (1976)

by Marvel Comics

"Shattered by the Shocker!" Part 2 of 2. After his harrowing escape from the sewer system, the Spectacular Spider-Man itches for a rematch with the Shocker! And just a few days later the web-slinger gets his wish at the Con Ed power plant in Queens! The Shocker wants to black out the city! The wall-crawler wants to keep the lights burning! In grand fashion Spider-Man and the Shocker throw down the gauntlet (in more ways than one) until only the victor remains! Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson, Flash Thompson, Harry Osborn, J. Jonah Jameson and Doctor Octopus. Script by Len Wein. Pencils by Ross Andru. Inks by Mike Esposito, Frank Giacoia, and Dave Hunt (backgrounds). Cover by Gil Kane and John Romita. (Note: The bottom right panel on page 14 is a subtle indication that Dave Hunt inked the backgrounds. The letters page includes Marvel Value Stamp series B #6 Conan the Barbarian by Barry Windsor-Smith. This story was reprinted in Marvel Tales 129.) 32 pages.  

FN+ Condition. Bagged and Boarded. (Stock photo)

Package Dimensions: 10.5” x 7” x 0.125”

This item isn’t eligible for return. Item sale is final. This is due to the fragility of the item. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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